Reasons to Make a Career Change

The average person can expect to change careers several times in his or her lifetime. 

Should a Career Change Be in Your Future?

The average person can expect to change careers several times in his or her lifetime. One reason for all these career changes is that people often don't make informed decisions when choosing an occupation. They neglect to learn about their own interests, work-related values, personality types and aptitudes in order to find out what occupations are suitable. They also do little to explore the careers they are considering and therefore don't know as much as they should about them.

Making an informed decision regarding your career will certainly increase the likelihood that you will be more satisfied with it. There are, however, no guarantees. You may follow all the steps that should help you choose a career that is right for you but  it may not remain your best choice forever. You may find yourself wondering whether you should be doing something different. Here are some valid reasons to leave your current career for a new one.

You Should Consider a Career Change If ...

Your Life Has Changed: When you chose your career your life may have been different than it is today. For example you may have been single then and now you have a family. The crazy schedule or the frequent travel that is typical of your career may not suit your new lifestyle. You should look for an occupation that is more "family friendly."

The Job Outlook in Your Field Has Worsened: The future looked promising for your field when you entered it. Due to changes in technology, the economy, or the industry you work in, job opportunities are no longer plentiful and your research indicates that things are going to get worse instead of better. You should look for an occupation that has a better outlook.

You Are Experiencing Job Burnout: Once upon a time you loved going to work every day. You no longer feel the same way. In fact, your feelings are the opposite of that. You can't stand doing your job anymore. You've tried changing employers but it hasn't helped at all. It's time to change careers so you can once again enjoy going to work.
Your Job is Too Stressful: Some occupations are inherently stressful. You knew that from the beginning about yours. You've come to a point, though, when it's become too much to handle. To preserve your mental and physical health, you will have to find a career that is less stressful.

Your Work Bores You: When you did your initial research the occupation you ultimately chose had a lot of advancement opportunities. You've been working in the field for a while and you've climbed up the ladder while happily facing all the challenges you've encountered along the way. Unfortunately you've gone as far as you can. You are no long challenged by your work. A career change can help revitalize your motivation.

You Want to Earn More Money: If you dream of making more money, you may be surprised to learn that doing so won't necessarily bring you job satisfaction. If you definitely can't live the way you want to on your current salary and there is no way you can get a raise, you should probably make a career change. Choose an occupation that has higher earning potential.




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