Frequently Asked Questions

About CaribbeanOpus

What is CaribbeanOpus?

CaribbeanOpus is a job board / search engine for job offers.

Who is behind CaribbeanOpus?

CaribbeanOpus is owned by PatAmi a sol proprietorship established in the Netherlands in January 2017.

CaribbeanOpus For Jobseekers

How to use CaribbeanOpus?

There are many ways you can use to find your ideal vacancy.

Whenever you search or browse for a job, on the left side of the page you’ll find a list of island and category. You can easily narrow down your search by clicking on one of these options, for example to see how many matching vacancies are in the category Management in Barbados. You can also search or browse for an employer.

How do I search for a job?

You can search from CaribbeanOpus homepage. Simply type keywords into the 'Keyword' box describing the kind of job you want, and select the island in the 'All islands' box. Then click the 'Find jobs' button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

How do I apply to jobs?

When you want to apply to a job. Click on “Interested? Get the details here how to apply.” Here you will find how to apply. Application instructions will vary from employer to employer or from recruiter to recruiter. Application for job offers found using CaribbeanOpus always takes place outside CaribbeanOpus. CaribbeanOpus cannot give you any assistance on this issue.

CaribbeanOpus For Recruiters & Employers

Why am I receiving applications to my job posting since I didn't post a job on CaribbeanOpus?

CaribbeanOpus is a job board search engine for job offers. We publish job offers from job boards in your country and your offer appeared on one of this sites. This is why you received an application from our users for your job offer.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Post jobs for free and appear in general search results. Pay to sponsor. Sponsor your jobs to attract candidates faster.



The 10 islands have different currencies. We will be using USD as the general currency on the website.