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Senior-Beleidsmedewerker - Philipsburg
Social - Civil Services, Advisor and Policy Officer
Closes 30/09/2022
US$2800 to US$5400 pm
Education Level: Not Specified
De Afdeling Personeel & Organisatie (P&O) is momenteel op zoek naar geschikte kandidaten met een sterke juridische achtergrond om de volgende functie in te vullen: Senior-Beleidsmedewerker.
Department Head VROMI - Philipsburg
Management, Social - Civil Services, Operational Management, Managerial
Closes 31/08/2022
US$3900 to US$7100 pm
Education Level: Academic Degree in Relevant Field
The Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure - VROMI is recruiting for an educated professional to fill the function of: Department Head VROMI.
Youth & Family Social Worker - The Botton
Social - Civil Services, Society and Social Work
Closes 12/08/2022
US$3000 to US$4200 pm
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree in Social Science
Saba is an island in the Caribbean and a special municipality (public entity) of The Netherlands. This Island Government is looking for a: Youth & Family Social Worker.
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