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There are many vacancies available in the various job areas pertaining to the Production and Manufacturing sector. Such as the:

  Agribusiness Industry: deals with the agriculture conducted on commercial principles. Including the production, processing and marketing of cattle, forest and biological agricultural produce.

  Astronautics Industry: effects special studies.

  Automotive Industry: takes care of the designing, developing, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, sale and repair of vehicles.

  Cement Industry: creates cement and concrete from industrial rocks.

  Chemical Industry: produces acids, fertilizers, explosives, paints and other substances.

  Computer Industry: develops software.

  Food Industry: utilizes agricultural, fishery and cattle products to produce drinks and conserves.

  Heavy Industry: utilizes large companies where working with huge quantities of raw materials and energy are requested.

  High Tech and Robotic Industry: makes use of the newest technologies.

  Light Industry: changes raw materials or semi-finished-products intended for immediate use of individuals and service companies.

  Mechanical Industry: manufactures auto parts.

  Metallurgical Industry: handles in metal such as copper and aluminum.

  Petrochemical Industry: fabricates plastics and fuels.

  Pharmaceutical Industry: is responsible for creating, preparing and marketing of medicinal chemicals towards the treatment and prevention of diseases.

  Steelmakers Industry: changes iron into steel.

  Textile Industry: creates clothing from vegetable fibers, such as, flax & cotton, animal fibers, such as, wool and synthetic products, such as, nylon and polyester.

  Weapons Industry: consist of commercial and governmental agencies who take care of all research, development & production services and military and defense facilities.

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    Assistant Food Safety Officer

    The Assistant Food Safety Officer / Internal Auditor is responsible for ensuring, through the implementation and monitoring of effective food safety and quality management systems, CPJ’s products consistently meet agreed standards.

    1-4 Days

    Fabrication Assistants

    Applications are invited from persons who possess the following essential criteria to assist the Welder/Fabricator in carrying out the repairs and fabrication projects at the Feed Mill and associated Facilities.

    1-4 Days

    Welder / Fabrication Technician

    Applications are invited from persons who possess the following essential criteria to be responsible for welding repairs, servicing, fabrication and installation on equipment and facility to fill the position of Welder / Fabrication Technician.

    1-4 Days

    Production Assistant

    Grace Food Processors Canning invites suitably qualified applicants to fill the position of: Production Assistant.

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