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There are many vacancies available in the various job areas pertaining to the Production and Manufacturing sector. Such as the:

  Agribusiness Industry: deals with the agriculture conducted on commercial principles. Including the production, processing and marketing of cattle, forest and biological agricultural produce.

  Astronautics Industry: effects special studies.

  Automotive Industry: takes care of the designing, developing, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, sale and repair of vehicles.

  Cement Industry: creates cement and concrete from industrial rocks.

  Chemical Industry: produces acids, fertilizers, explosives, paints and other substances.

  Computer Industry: develops software.

  Food Industry: utilizes agricultural, fishery and cattle products to produce drinks and conserves.

  Heavy Industry: utilizes large companies where working with huge quantities of raw materials and energy are requested.

  High Tech and Robotic Industry: makes use of the newest technologies.

  Light Industry: changes raw materials or semi-finished-products intended for immediate use of individuals and service companies.

  Mechanical Industry: manufactures auto parts.

  Metallurgical Industry: handles in metal such as copper and aluminum.

  Petrochemical Industry: fabricates plastics and fuels.

  Pharmaceutical Industry: is responsible for creating, preparing and marketing of medicinal chemicals towards the treatment and prevention of diseases.

  Steelmakers Industry: changes iron into steel.

  Textile Industry: creates clothing from vegetable fibers, such as, flax & cotton, animal fibers, such as, wool and synthetic products, such as, nylon and polyester.

  Weapons Industry: consist of commercial and governmental agencies who take care of all research, development & production services and military and defense facilities.

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    4-7 Days

    Sanitation Supervisor

    Purity Bakeries, a division of Goddard Enterprises Limited, and a leading manufacturer of bread and bakery products, is seeking to recruit a creative, results oriented and dynamic individual for the position of Sanitation Supervisor.

    4-7 Days

    Production Supervisor

    National Processors Limited invites suitably qualified applicants to fill the position of: PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR

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