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Marketing and Media is a large sector that covers many career sections. These areas may contain, but are not confined to:

►        Online Marketing: makes use of online media and social networks to advertise a brand, a company or an idea to consumers. Related job titles are: Social Media manager and SEO specialist.

►        Media Relations: makes research and encounters the best manner to promote their product or idea and are responsible for organizing promotional events to sell their product.

►        Advertising: labor to create product promotion by means of mass media as billboards, newspapers, magazines, television and radio. These individuals are creative and possess strong communication skills to successfully send their message to the public.

►        Public Relations: have a huge influence on the product’s success. They are entitled to create a satisfactory reputation for the company or brand as well as convincing the client or consumer that their merchandise is the best of its kind.

►        Communication: have functions in all media, including press, television, radio and internet. Some job names in this field are: journalist, news anchor, magazine editor, radio announcer and blogger.

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    Marketing Intelligence Analyst

    The Marketing Intelligence Analyst reports to the Commercial Director and is responsible for measuring, collating and analyzing key performance data for the company’s operations; providing reasons for significant changes in trends and deviations from expectations; and providing recommendations to improve performance.



    Uitgeverij Amigoe (Aruba) N.V. zoekt per direct een sportjournalist Sportjournalist (freelance)


    Senior Redacteur

    Uitgeverij Amigoe (Aruba) N.V. zoekt per direct een senior redacteur Senior Redacteur (fulltime)


    Junior Verslaggever

    Uitgeverij Amigoe (Aruba) N.V. zoekt per direct een junior verslaggever Junior verslaggever (fulftime).

    1-4 Days

    Web and Graphic Designer

    Applicants are invited to fill the position of Web and Graphic Designer.

    4-7 Days

    Marketing & Sales Representative

     We are currently seeking an enthusiastic, self-driven individual to join our team.

    4-7 Days

    Digital Marketer

    We need a talented, motivated Graphic Designer with strong digital experience to work with us on fun, fresh projects.

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