10 Unusual Pieces of Advice When Looking for a Job

Searching for a job can feel like an eternal struggle. There are all kinds of tips you hear 

by Krista Hillis


Searching for a job can feel like an eternal struggle. There are all kinds of tips you hear from those around you, as you explore your options within the job hunting world. Sprucing up your resume, pursuing your passions, and dressing professionally are all important, however, you've heard them all before. In order to get your dream job, you may need to think outside the box. Everyone is making their resume stand out, so what else can you do? How can you confidently hit the job seeking market and come out on top?


Although conventional tips and advice shouldn't be ignored, they're not the only areas to focus on. As technology advances, the ways in which we seek job opportunities are changing. More and more individuals are being hired based on creative tactics. To ensure success, here are ten tips that will help you land the job you're looking for.

1. Create a Position

If you're a forward thinker, you may see an area that's lacking in the market or a specific company. Are you able to solve a problem? Would you be able to provide solutions and further a company based on a position you create? For example, maybe you're a wiz in the world of social media. If this is the case, perhaps there's a company that's in need of your particular skill-set. Approach them with what you believe their greatest challenge is and how you can improve results. Sometimes you need to create instead of simply seek.

2. Give Free Advice

Similar to creating a position, you could approach your potential employer with some useful info. If the opportunity arises, give some free advice to the company you'd like to work for. If you have experience in web design or coding, for instance, you may notice that the company's site has a slight error or that it's lacking full potential. You could simply point out what you've noticed and provide free advice on how to fix a simple coding error or formatting issue. This not only displays your level of experience but shows a potential employer that you're a problem solver as well. Depending on the position, look for any small error or problem in which you could provide your personal expertise in order to improve it. This will help you get noticed and possibly get your foot in the door. 

3. Don't Be Too Hasty

If you're looking for a job, it's tempting to scroll through job after job and submit similar applications based on your experience and skills. The truth is, your job hunting approach may actually be more effective if you do not apply right away. If you find a position that sounds highly appealing to you, hold off.

First, research the company. Finding out a little bit of their past history can do wonders for the hiring process. Without mentioning the position, you could even reach out to the company. You could explain that you find them inspiring or admire their work. They may even let you know that a position has opened. If this is the case, you've already made contact and stand out as a potential candidate. You may also get the inside scoop on what exactly they're looking for.

4. Publicly Post Portfolio Pieces

Although sending your resume to specific companies is the most common approach, it's not the only way to land a job. Instead of reaching out to companies, why not get them to come to you? If you live in a heavily populated area, find places where you can post a creative piece from your portfolio. Whether you post your ads in bus terminals or the subway station, it's a great way to get your work seen. It's not enough to stick up your resume, you need something that stands out. If you're a graphic designer, print some of your favorite pieces of work, then provide a link to your online portfolio. If people are interested in what you do, they'll get in touch with you. It's a great way to get your work out there without taking up a lot of your time. 

5. Pick Up the Phone

If there's a job you really want to land, why not cold call some of the hiring managers after you've submitted your application or resume? Look into which people are hiring from a specific company, then get in touch. This will ensure that your resume isn't lost in the pile. If they are not currently hiring, ask if you can keep in touch. While you have them on the phone, ensure that you don't bore them, but provide some insightful information. As mentioned earlier, you could give them some useful advice that would help solve a small problem. Humor never hurts either. Break that barrier so that when they do come across your resume, you've already built a positive rapport. 

6. Build Your Own Personal Website

What better way to showcase all your hard work than to display your skills and accomplishments on a personal website or blog? Build your own blog and write short articles relating to the field you're interested in. Within your website, you can implement an online portfolio, showcasing what you have to offer and what you've achieved in the past. This will be your own little space of real estate on the Internet. When you apply to jobs, provide a link to your site. You could get really creative and write an article as to why a specific company should hire you. That way, when the hiring manager comes to your site, they see a specific piece you've written based on your desire to work for them. This is the perfect way to go above and beyond. If you do not catch the eye of that specific hiring manager, you could easily have others approach you based on your site's content and your personal online portfolio.

7. Submit a Business Plan with Your Resume

If you are looking to get hired by a specific company, research the products they offer. With your resume, why not write a business plan regarding one of their products or ideas? This will show that you're a forward thinker who's willing to contribute to the company. If this doesn't relate to the type of job you're looking for, submit something that will show your enthusiasm.

If you're into graphics, why not send a sample that's specific to that company? This will show that you're not sending a generic application and that you are prepared to invest in the company you work for. Basically, go that extra mile for a position you really want. Be personable and show that you are really interested in the company and provide proof that you have something great to offer.

8. Ditch the Old School Resume

Although a resume is a great way to show potential employers where you've been and what you offer, why stop there? Instead of submitting a run-of-the-mill resume, send something more unique and creative. Perhaps you create a slideshow or a video, really allowing the potential employer to get a feel for you and your ideas. When it comes to big companies, they're now seeing all kinds of unique tactics and the response has been positive. Don't be shy to think outside the box and present your resume in an engaging, yet professional manner.

9. Bring a Live Reference

If you get to the interview stage, why not bring in your reference? It's one thing to have a solid reference on your resume, however, it's another to bring them to your interview in-person. This doesn't mean bring your best friend to vouch that you're a hard worker. As long as you have someone professional and credible to stand behind you, ask if they'll attend your interview with you. Your potential employer will see this not only as unique, but well-planned.

10. Advertise Yourself

What better way to reach multiple potential employers than to create an ad regarding your skillset? Depending on the industry you'd like to work for, you could place an ad in a newspaper, within a publication, or place it on a specific board online. Within this competitive market, you need to sell yourself. Without being too cheesy, create an ad that really stands out. There's a reason Pinterest is so successful, we're visual beings and we like pictures. Create an ad that is visually appealing, not just rows of text. You could even pin your personal ad onto related boards using Pinterest



Remember, the job hunting process can be as unique as you are. Show potential employers what you have to offer them. Be unique and creative, without sacrificing professionalism. Don't be shy to think outside the box, presenting yourself in a way that sets up apart. Use fundamental job seeking tips as the basis for your hunt, while implementing new and improved tactics. Good luck!


Source: http://www.careeraddict.com


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