Valeria Philips

Valeria Philips is a professional Career Coach with a drive to ensure that her clients experience progress both in their careers and life - the foundation of each session has the clients’ progress as its purpose.

Specialist Areas

Resume Review, Linkedin Review, Job Search Strategy, Interview Coaching, Cover Letter Writing, 30-Minute Career Q&A, Other support services

Originally from Trinidad, she was born into a family where intercultural communication was a standard part of daily life.  Born to a Aruban mother and Trinidadian father, Valeria knows by nature what it is like to embrace cultural differences.

Having left the Caribbean to the Netherlands, first at 17 then returning, followed by a permanent departure during her early 20’s to the UK and then to the Netherlands, she has had her dose of Culture Shock.

She has worked primarily for Multinational Corporations, allowing her to have intercultural interaction and realize that ‘normal’ is a word that can take many forms.

Valeria has developed over more than 20 years through work experience and studies, to now become an HR professional & Career Coach.  She has both a personal and professional interest in supporting expats & repatriates in discovering their personal & career options in a way that allows each individual to confidently take ownership of their decisions.

Our Coach, Valeria, is qualified as a Coach, Coaching Trainer & a licensed trainer for the ‘Crossing Cultures with Competence’ training via The Interchange Institute of Anne Copeland. Valeria uses her skills actively and experiences a sense of complete satisfaction by seeing the progress of others in their life and careers.


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