Job Description

1. Provides development support for employees within the position’s scope*, in partnership with management:

  • With regard to behavioral, managerial and leadership skills, by defining each employee’s development goals and proposing appropriate actions while drawing on available resources: evaluations, training, coaching, etc.
  • By conducting career assessments at specified intervals or upon request.
  • By defining objectives for each employee’s professional development within the position’s scope and/or Total as a whole.
  • By assisting employees at each major stage of a job change (analyzing job postings, drafting a resume, preparing for hiring interviews, etc., and providing support when problems arise).

2. Manages mobility within their workforce:

  • Provides for appropriate staffing for all jobs within the position’s scope while monitoring compliance with Group policies (diversity, etc.) and ensuring that resources and jobs are allocated in a way that meets the organization’s needs.
  • Ensures the integrity, transparency and fairness of the internal mobility process and plays a role in decision-making.
  • Coordinates mobility activities within the position’s scope, within the segment and across Total, including posting job openings and selecting candidates.

3. Supports, challenges and develops managers in their role as manager-coach:

  • Manages people reviews in an advisory role informed by their knowledge of the workforce and the key skills required for the métiers within the position’s scope. Develops talent pools for each métier. Assists the manager in creating individual training plans.
  • Assesses the potential of employees within the position’s scope in order to identify candidates for the HP/HPG programs, bearing in mind Total’s policies on diversity.
  • Advises and provides support to the manager regarding organizational issues, interpersonal relationships and psychosocial risks among team employees.
  • Verifies that employee skill sets correspond to organizational needs as métiers evolve, and works with management to define what resources will be needed over the medium/long term. Assists in identifying outside recruitment needs.
  • Implements and helps to adapt [segment to add/modify as appropriate] HR policies relating to operating personnel (merit-based raises, AP, AIR, HP employees, etc.) and provides support for compliance with those policies.
  • Assists in the job weighting process and in defining career paths.

4. Serves as the primary HR liaison for team managers within the position’s scope.


*Excluding Group High Potential (HPG) employees, who are jointly managed with the HPG Division.

Context and environment


As part of the One Total, Better Together company project, employee development, fulfillment and dedication are integral to Total’s performance and a core concern for the Group.


Help employees within their entity develop into well-rounded professionals.

  • Manage the mobility process
  • Help the manager develop into a manager-coach
  • Deploy HR campaigns

Ensure uniform, consistent practices métiers-wide across the position’s scope.


  • Target workforce: Approximately 180 people
  • Location of workforce managed: At local site, San Juan and monthly travel to Jamaica


  • N+1 Job Title:  HR Manager
  • N+2 Job Title : General Manager

Candidate profile


  • Education: College/university degree in Human Resources or related field.
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish
  • Experience: At least 10 years of successful experience in a field with a strong HR and management focus. 
  • Skills: Strong ability to work independently; big-picture perspective; listening skills; ability to generate new ideas and demonstrate conviction, influence and leadership; ability to develop managers and their teams; excellent communication skills; ability to make decisions; goal-oriented



At Total Puerto Rico / USVI, we like to create something special for our team members.  Work is why we're here, but the benefits are important as well:

     • TPPRC's Health Insurance (Health & Dental)
     • Life Insurance
     • Short term and long-term disability insurance
     • TPPRC's Retirement and Savings Plan (match dollar to dollar) up to 7%
     • Christmas bonus (worked hours required)
     • Holidays


Job Expires 03-Apr-2020

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