Following the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Government of Sint Maarten prepared a consolidated National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) that prioritizes immediate, short-, medium- and long-term needs for the recovery, reconstruction and resilience of Sint Maarten. This Plan includes estimates of the financial requirements, costs and investments that are necessary to build Sint Maarten back better.  
 Since January 2018, the World Bank has been assisting the Government of Sint Maarten in the establishment and implementation of a recovery and reconstruction program to implement the NRRP. A significant component of this program is financed through a Trust Fund financed by the Netherlands, managed by the World Bank and implemented by Sint Maarten.  
 A new financing project for micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSME) is being launched to support the recovery of the sector through direct financial assistance to contribute to the restoration of economic activity.

The project has three components:  
− Component 1: Direct financial support to MSMEs for investment and working capital. 

− Component 2: Study of financial solutions for disaster resilience. 

− Component 3: Training, project implementation, audit and monitoring and evaluation.  
In parallel to the establishment of the Trust Fund and the execution of the NRRP, the Government of Sint Maarten developed an institutional structure for the implementation of Trust Fund financed projects. This structure is materialized in the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) and serves as the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for Trust Fund projects for which the Government of Sint Maarten enters into a Grant Agreement. As such, the NRPB represents the Government of Sint Maarten vis-a-vis the World Bank in the implementation of Trust Fund financed projects. 

All NRPB activities relate to projects or preparations thereof, approved by the Trust Fund Steering Committee, which consists of representatives from Sint Maarten, The Netherlands and the World Bank.  
The Enterprise Support Project team has been established recently and consists of an ambitious and diverse team with local and international experience in the public and private sector, including the financial sector. They work closely together with line Ministries, the Central Bank, participating financial institutions (PFI’s) and other stakeholders in the preparation, coordination, execution and evaluation of the project. In addition, the NRPB is responsible for all reporting and fiduciary responsibilities towards the World Bank. 
The Operations Officer will be responsible for the following areas of the project:  (a) Support to MSMEs/PFIs with loan/grant applications and compiling business plans,  (b) conduct the (Tier 1) environmental and social screening for applications,  (c) verify and log approved PFI applications,  (d) support with PFI loan monitoring and verification, and log procurements  
Under supervision of the NRPB, this full-time Operations Officer is expected to perform the following tasks:  
(a) Support MSMEs/PFIs with applications 

  • Support MSMEs in completing application forms for the project on the premises of PFI 
  • Support MSMEs in completing any supplementary application information
  • Coordinate with PFIs and the Project Manager on the schedule for PFI rotations 
  • Verify and ensure that Assets and Repairs above a threshold meet the procurement guidelines.  

(b) Conduct up to the Tier 1 environmental and social screening for applications 

  • Compare to exclusion list and assign risk category (Tier 1). 
  • Determine if applications require a specialized Tier 2 review and facilitate this for the Environmental and Social safeguards specialist. 
  • Liaise with PFIs and MSMEs on purpose and function of environmental and social screening. 

(c) Verify and log approved PFI applications 

  • Verify that all approved applications are in conformance with the requirements.  
  • Log approved applications in centralize system.   


(d) Support with PFI loan monitoring and procurement verification

  • As required by PFIs and in coordination with Project Manager, support PFI with MSME visits. 
  • Verify and ensure that Assets and Repairs above a threshold meet the procurement guidelines. 
  • Record the status of procured Assets and Repairs in the database. 
  • Liaise with PFIs on the use of procured Assets and Repairs and conduct any PFI follow-up as need be.  

The Operations Officer is expected to perform the above-mentioned tasks on an ongoing basis during the term of his/her assignment, to the satisfaction of the NRPB. Quarterly key performance indicators will be set annually for the Operations Officer, against which deliverables will be measured during the course of the assignment.

The deliverables, reporting to the NRPB Project Manager will include the following reports/project documents:  

  • Completed applications forms 
  • Log of approved applications 
  • Database of procurement verifications
  • Summary of Environmental and Social Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications  

The start date of the contract will be June 2020 or soon thereafter. The contract duration will be 12 months. The successful candidate is expected to work full time within Philipsburg, Sint Maarten unless work requires for travel abroad.  

The assignment is on a consultancy contract basis in which the consultant will receive a monthly lump-sum payment covering all expenses. The success of the Operations Officer will be judged by the Director of the NRPB, based on set deliverables. 

Minimum Requirements 

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable college or university, preferably in Business, Accounting or related field. 
  • At least 2 years' experience in a client-facing operational role with a data management component.  


  • Previous experience with MSME lending in a financial services institution is a plus. 
  • Previous experience with procurement is considered an advantage. 

General Competencies 

  • Strong time management, organizational and interpersonal skills with attention to detail. 
  • The candidate must be computer literate, with high proficiency in Computer software operations (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power-Point and data-base management etc.). 
  • Proficiency in Dutch is considered an advantage.


Applicants should ensure that their CV is received before Monday, June 1, 2020 08h00 AST. The NRPB reserves the right to accept or refuse any CV coming after this deadline. 

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