The Occupational Safety & Health Officer will report to the Manager-Occupational Safety and Health with a parallel reporting relationship with the Medical Director at the Hospital and the County Medical Officer of Health at primary care.



The Occupational Safety & Health Officer is responsible for providing support in establishing and maintaining the highest standards of Occupational Safety & Health in accordance with the ERHA’s policies, procedures and legislative requirements.



The Occupational Safety & Health Officer:

  • Develops, implements, monitors and reviews policies, procedures, standards and best practices to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Develops strategic plans, business plan and budgets to ensure compliance with safety and health rules and legislation.
  • Consults in the formation, implementation and operation of the safety and health committee.
  • Monitors and reviews safe work practices and work environment.
  • Promotes cultural awareness and personnel responsibility to all employees and contractors in Occupational Safety & Health.
  • Reviews work and procedures to ensure Occupational Safety & Health involvement is at the appropriate level and that all hazards have been correctly addressed and mitigated.
  • Acts as the day-to-day consultant between management and operation.
  • Initiate sand carries out Occupational Safety & Health team building activities.
  • Coordinates and conducts safety audits, inspections, risks and other types of assessments.
  • Coordinates and conducts safety meetings with employees.
  • Develops and implements safety and health programmes e.g. training of staff.
  • Advises and make recommendations to management on Occupational Safety & Health matters, in an effort to minimize risks to safety and health.
  • Advises from time to time on the appropriateness of personal protective equipment for all staff.
  • Conducts or participates in periodic safety and health inspections of equipment and processes.
  • Makes recommendations to minimize possibilities of illnesses, injuries or losses likely to occur from identified potential hazards involving systems, equipment, materials, facilities or processes presently used or planned to be used.
  • Advises the management from time-to-time on the cost effectiveness of compliance with the Eastern Regional Health Authority Safety and Health Programmes.
  • Conducts investigations into incidents and accidents and occupational illness.
  • Produces and submits reports and other documentation to the Manager, Occupational Safety & Health and Management Heads.
  • Maintains the safety and health records in accordance with legal requirements and approved standards.
  • Observes the ERHA protocols in collaborating with external agencies and authorities when investigating accidents and incidents.
  • Is involve in the Disaster Preparedness process.
  • Performs any other duties as requested by the appropriate Authority.



  • Knowledge of Project and Budget Management.
  • Knowledge of systems and process auditing.
  • Knowledge of legislation in keeping with the Occupational Safety & Health Act.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Safety & Health or Environmental Management.
  • A minimum of three (3) years experience as a Safety Officer.
  • Level 3 National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)/Occupational Safety & Health Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) certified.
  • Any equivalent combination of training and experience.



  • Clerk/Typist I




  • Manager-Occupational Safety & Health
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Medical Director
  • Manager-Hospital Administration
  • County Medical Officer of Health
  • Members of the Management Executive Team
  • Members of the Management Team
  • Members of the Quality Department
  • All Heads of Departments/Supervisors
  • All other staff


  • Ministry of Health.
  • Ministry of Labor
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Public Administration
  • Occupational Safety Health Agency
  • Occupational Safety & Health Agencies
  • Organization for Disaster Preparedness Management
  • Other Regional Health Authorities


Deadline for submission of applications: 6th August, 2020.

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