Instructor II - Crop Science and Production, BAFT


This person would be responsible for delivering training content related to the science and practice of crop production. The position requires that the person is able to plan and carry out a wide range of tasks beyond teaching and includes the management of crop enterprises for the purpose of expanding the crop production activities on the farm.  Additionally, the position requires the individual to develop greenhouse and other soil-less approaches to crop production for the purpose of incorporating technology-based approaches to crop husbandry at the Biosciences, Agriculture and Food Technologies (BAFT) unit. The position aims to clinically link the theory of crop production with the actual production activities, inclusive of the marketing of the crops produced. The position requires the incumbent to recognise the significance of crop production as an entrepreneurial activity and to cultivate this into the minds of students.




  • Organizes and delivers specific programs/courses offered by UTT;
  • Provides necessary leadership for successful execution of the instructional process;
  • Maintains conformity to curriculum requirements and quality of delivery;
  • Provides operational supervision and functional direction to Teaching Assistant and support staff;
  • Develops course materials, handouts, project assignments and examinations;
  • Instructs classes as required to complete courses within the specific time frame;
  • Develops, manages and coordinates crop production operations on the farm in conjunction with the Farm Coordinator;
  • Establishes and maintains a crop production recording system for the farm;
  • Develops soil-less production systems for commercial and training purposes;
  • Establishes and coordinates operations related to the propagation of ornamental and crop plants for sale with the students and student labour;
  • Assists with student recruitment and BAFT outreach activities;
  • Monitors inventory for consumables for crop production activities;
  • Required to source markets and arrange for the sale of produce;
  • Assists with the preparation of reports related to crop enterprises on the farm.



  • Participates in research conferences and seminars;
  • Submits grant applications to support the University’s goals in consultation with Programme Head or other Academic  Staff and the University’s office responsible for grant funding;
  • Engages in peer review activities as required;



  • Participates in the Personal Tutor programme (or acts as a personal tutor and, where required.)
  • Engages in service to the University and/or community/society including training of farmers.



  • A Bachelor’s Degree in General Agriculture or Crop Science from an accredited and recognised University/Professional Institution with a minimum of 6 years’ teaching/research/industry experience
  • A Master’s Degree in Crop Science or Agronomy or its related discipline such as Crop Protection from an accredited and recognised University/Professional Institution with a minimum of 4 years’ teaching/research/industry experience




  • Demonstrated theoretical and professional knowledge of the discipline
  • Demonstrated competence with course content
  • Exposure and knowledge of pedagogy; Completion of Instructional Training by TLC
  • Knowledge of Research Methodologies
  • Understanding and use of statistics

Basic Profession Skill Set

  • Basic content expertise
  • Research skills
  • Basic practice / Critical Analytical skills


Deadline: 27.01.21

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