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Working with the HSE team, the HSE Coach will be expected to work collaboratively with the Country HSE team, frontline leaders in the assets and contractor management teams to ensure the HSE management system is understood and embedded at the frontline and effective at achieving goal zero performance.

The HSE coach will be deployed to sites when required based on operational risks and activities to support the frontline shift and leaders build a goal zero culture at the frontline.  Key accountabilities include carrying out suitable training and coaching to build capability, conducting incident investigations to identify learnings and performing assurance of the HSE management system implemented to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets compliance with Shell’s HSSE standards and local regulatory requirements.

The purpose of the HSE function is to provide strategic vision and technical support with the intent to build a Goal zero culture among staff and contractors and carbon neutral assets. Core to achieving Goal Zero is establishing a proactive culture which a strong focus on providing visible HSSE leadership through all levels of the asset and supporting the business achieve its HSSE strategy and meet compliance with our HSSE- standards and regulatory requirements.

What’s the role?

The incumbent will sit within the HSE team (reporting to Operational HSE Manager. Apivotal criteria for success is using influencing skills to drive compliance and develop a visible HSSE leadership culture at the frontline to meet the company’s goal zero aspirations through the following means:

  • Collaborate with the Country HSE team, frontline leaders in the assets and contractor management teams to ensure the HSSE management system is understood and embedded at the frontline and effective at meeting compliance with Shell’s HSSE standards and regulatory requirements.
  • When in the field provide coaching and maintain a high visible presence (over 70 percent of time) where the work is happening and participate in key meetings (e.g. toolbox talks, etc.) to promote improvements in the HSE culture at the frontline
  • Field Assurance Monitoring: perform continual inspections/audits and review of jobs for safe work practices (all HSSE aspects).
  • Provide feedback based on site practices observed and use various tools/processes e.g. leading indicators, Hazards and Effects Management Process (HEMP), etc. to help frontline leaders develop proactive risk management solutions
  • Conduct and/or lead incident investigations including high potential incidents (HPIs) to enable a continuous improvement and learning culture.
  • Demonstrate visible and felt leadership by communicating a clear vision, setting and championing challenging performance goals and consistently demonstrating the importance of HSSE via personal involvement, visibility, decisions and actions.
  • Implementation and support of HSSE initiatives to build risk awareness, develop capability and cascade learnings from incidents
  • Become familiar with existing and upcoming HSE legislation and communicate potential impacts to assets.
  • Participate and advise on the development of HSE Plans and Risk assessments (e.g. HAZIDS, ENVIDs, HEMP reviews, HAZOPS, etc.).

Soft Skills

This role works through coaching and a learner mindset, equipping others to understand and driving collaboration and integration across groups, functions and multidisciplinary teams.  The incumbent needs to be able to: communicate effectively and demonstrate visible HSSE leadership, create a culture that focuses on high value activities and reinforces responsibilities of the Line, engage widely with the full range of HSSE disciplines appropriately, influence without formal authority and have uncomfortable conversations with staff/stakeholders at times and coach stakeholders in the asset or contractors at manager/lead levels, peers and executing personnel at field level.

Skills & Requirements

What we need from you -

  • Must have legal authorization to work in Trinidad & Tobago on a full-time basis for anyone other than current employer.
  • At least ten (10) years of experience in operations HSE or Project HSE experience with significant field level HSSE exposure and strong HSSE track record.
  • Possess a B.Sc. Degree from an accredited college, preferably in a safety, process safety or environmental sciences curriculum or an OHS Diploma or a professional designation such as CRSP, NEBOSH or CSP.
  • Experience with drafting HSSE Plans, Bridging Documents and Bow Ties.
  • Sound understanding of local HSE legislative requirements.
  • Experience with data analytics and trending HSE performance and identifying leading indicators
  • Strong passion for HSE, drive to build and change HSE culture.


Date posted: 18/11/2021  | Application Deadline: not provided | Job Posting End Date: 3/12/2021 |

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