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The Department of Agriculture, Hygiene and Vector Control is part of the Public Entity of Saba. The department currently consists of 11 people. The goal of our department is to ensure and enforce hygiene standards on the island, execute vector control tasks and stimulate food production. We are looking for an experienced veterinarian to work on food safety, animal health and animal welfare in the aim to further develop and professionalize animal husbandry on Saba and improve animal welfare in general. The Veterinarian is based in the Department of Agriculture, Hygiene and Vector Control, but will work closely together with policy advisors and project managers in the Project Bureau, as well as the safety officer and enforcers of the Department of Public Order & Safety.


Description of main duties

Public health related to animal disease control and animal health

• translates the strategic policy of the OLS into the policy fields of the department in coordination with all relevant national stakeholders;

• inventories, analyses and evaluates veterinary-related inspection developments in the assigned policy areas, assesses their importance and translates them into one's own field;

• develops departmental policies, enforcement plans and strategies, drafts policy notes and advises management and departments on this;

• establishes integrated control programs and develops protocols and monitoring methodologies;

• monitors and consults on the policy implementation and evaluation of established policies;

• directs and coordinates the design of quality control in the production and distribution chain of animal products and advises on this in a broad sense;

• coordinates with stakeholders within the chain, represents and defends the interests of the department, aligns this with other policy areas and provides explanations on departmental documents in consultations.


Supervision and enforcement of animal health and welfare, and food safety related to public health

• Executes supervision and enforcement activities on animal health, animal welfare, animal export and – import and food processing processes;

• Supervises and if needed carries out tagging and registration of animals, and executes enforcement on tagging and registration;

• Sets up and develops slaughter facilities and procedure for slaughtering livestock in accordance with BES regulations;

• Provides information to the public about, among other things, certification, quarantine, killing of animals, products, services, processes, results, etc.;

• Monitors and investigates the orderly and hygienic conduct of the slaughter, storage and transport process and investigates complaints, reports and incidents;

• Inspects and certifies livestock, other animals and meat, inspects and certifies meat processing plants, carries out checks; Clinical veterinary work (for both farm animals and companion animals)

• Carries out preventative treatments (e.g. vaccinations, antiparasitic treatments, feeding advice, hoof care)

• Executes obstetrics

• Provides first line veterinary care (e.g. sick animals, surgeries, dental treatments)

• Caries out imaging, basic laboratory work


What you offer

• 5+ years of experience as a veterinarian and you have a veterinary diploma recognized in the Netherlands.

• In-depth theoretical knowledge of the policy area;

• Broad knowledge of and understanding of local, regional and national laws and regulations and related policy areas and areas of work;

• Willing to follow BavPol training in order to be able to carry out enforcement tasks;

• Available to work outside regular working hours when required (on a reasonable basis);

• Insight into government administrative, functional and organizational relationships;

• Skills in advising on politically sensitive topics, developing and implementing policy, leading complex integrated projects, conducting consultations and in coordinating on policy issues, managing integral inspections, and making diagnoses.

• Strong communication skills in English and Dutch.


A reference check could be part of the application procedure.



You are prepared to commit to our organization for an extended period of time and you are willing to establish yourself on the island.


We offer

• A competitive salary in minimum scale 12, with a salary ranging from $4,075 through $5,589 (excluding 15.5% allowance, 8.33% vacation allowance and a 13th month), depending on experience, skills and competences;

• A 36-hour working week and a two years employment contract with the possibility of extension.

• Generous secondary benefits;

• Life on the beautiful and safe island of Saba;

• Also offered is a relocation packet for the ideal candidate traveling from abroad;

• Expatriate arrangement in applicable.


Apply by sending your letter of interest and resume (both in English) before or on Monday March 27th.

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