Forester, Client Services

Job Purpose:
Under the general direction of the Forest Manager the incumbent oversees the provision of quality services to the Agency’s stakeholders leading to the effective management and development of Forests within the Region.
Key Responsibility Areas: 
Management/ Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Participate in the formulation of Regional Operational plans and the setting of priorities for the Region.
  • Participates in the preparation of the annual budget for the Region.
  • Supervises the work of Forest Technicians and ensures that duties are performed efficiently and effectively.
  • Develops work plans for Forest Technicians ensuring productivity of the Region is optimised.
  • Prepares and submits to the Forest Manager, progress reports on Client Services activities in the Region.
  • Evaluates the performance of direct reports and ensures that performance reports are completed and submitted in accordance with PMAT guidelines. 
  • Conducts regular meetings with direct reports and ensures that proper records are kept of all meetings.
  • Represents the Agency at meetings, conferences, workshops locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Mediates in disputes and resolves conflict ensuring proper documentation of issues, concerns and outcomes.
  • Participates in the recruitment process as required.
  • Provides guidance to direct reports through coaching, mentoring, on the job training and assistance as needed.
  • Identifies training and other developmental needs of staff and ensures they are adequately addressed.
  • Participates in the leave approval process in keeping with established human resource policies.
  • Encourages compliance with Agency’s standards, human resource policies and procedures.

Technical/ Professional Responsibilities

  • Oversees the implementation of the Private Forestry Programme activities within the Region 
  • Liaises with the Private Forestry Programme Co-ordinator in the provision of seeds/ seedlings/ planting material to support Private Forestry Programme
  • Assists with the establishment of new and supports existing Local Forest Management Committees
  • Ensures Forest Technicians provide support to Rural Sociologist in community engagement activities.
  • Collaborates with Rural Sociologist to provide support to the LFMCs and communities
  • Executes the approved recreational activities and eco-tourism initiatives
  • Promotes the implementation of the Urban Forestry Programme
  • Provides technical guidance and assistance for the establishment of trees to our stakeholders within the forest region
  • Ensures technical assistance and documentations are disseminated to client groups and stakeholders within the Region
  • Assists in the implementation of the Agency’s Marketing Programme.
  • Participates in the implementation of public awareness and public education activities within the region.
  • Liaises with the PR&CC Branch in the planning and execution of Agency events within the Region.
  • Requests seedlings for execution of various Client Service activities.
  • Assists Rural Sociologist and LFMCs and other CBOs by making recommendations regarding the identification and implementation of community-based livelihood projects.  
  • Develops and fosters positive relations with stakeholders i.e. Government Entities, NGOs, CBOs, Community Leaders within the Region etc.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time


Required Competencies :

The post-holder will be able to demonstrate:

  • Good leadership and management skills;
  • Knowledge of financial management and budgeting;
  • Knowledge of the procurement procedures and the Financial Administration and Audit Act;
  • Good interpersonal, data management and analytical skills;
  • An ability to analyse and interpret financial and other corporate information for decision making
  • Knowledge and understanding of corporate functions and their potential strategic contribution;
  • Good knowledge of information technology and the scope it offers for supporting management and operations;
  • An ability to manage limited resources in order to achieve challenging output targets;
  • Sound personal and professional integrity;
  • Strong customer service orientation skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Knowledge of projects planning and research techniques

Minimum Required Education and Experience:

  • First Degree in Forestry /Environmental Management /Agriculture or related area
  • Training in Supervisory Management and or Public Relations
  • Four (4) years’ field experience


  • An Associate Degree /Diploma in Forestry / Environmental Management / Agriculture/Natural Sciences or related area
  • Training in Supervisory Management and or Public Relations
  • Five (5) years’ field experience


  • Any other equivalent combination of qualification and experience.

Applications along with resumes should be submitted no later than October 23, 2020

Forestry Department
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First Degree|in Forestry
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