Frequently Asked Questions - Recruiters/Employers

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Why am I receiving applications to my job posting since I didn't post a job on CaribbeanOpus?

CaribbeanOpus is a job board for job offers. We publish job offers from job boards in your country and your offer appeared on one of this sites. This is why you received an application from our users for your job offer.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Post jobs for free and appear in general search results. Pay to sponsor. Sponsor your jobs to attract candidates faster.

How do candidates apply for the jobs I post on CaribbeanOpus

Candidates will contact you using the data you put into the field 'Contact Information', or alternatively, by accessing the web page you provide in the field 'Job Offer URL'.

If you choose to insert your email address you will receive a CaribbeanOpus alert each time a user applies to your offer, with applicants' cv and cover letter directly in your email. Please contact us if you would like to insert your email address.


How long are my jobs going to be advertised online?

Your jobs are going to be displayed for max. 30 days, but if you wish so, you can interrupt this by pausing or deleting your job offer at any time.

What kind of jobs can't I post?

Please, do not post your job listing for:

  • Some work-from-home opportunities
  • Barter or volunteer positions
  • Deferred pay positions
  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM) jobs or positions that require a monetary investment by the job seeker

For more information see our Terms of Use


The 10 islands have different currencies. We will be using USD as the general currency on the website.