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Associate Director - Personal Credit Services (FC9)

CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank is seeking tor recruit an Associate Director - Personal Credit Services (FC9).

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Job ID: BARRM127

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Deadline: 28 March 2019

Purpose of the Role:

The Associate Director, under supervision of the Director, will adjudicate credit applications within delegated authority up to US$2 million (subject to change as per delegated lending authority letter issued) for the following segments Retail (Domestic), Wealth (Domestic & International), and Personal Credit Cards, ensuring that lending officers exercise sound credit practices, in addition to being responsible directly and indirectly for  a team of  managers, Credit Due Diligence Officers and a Risk and Control Officer ensuring that they exercise sound credit / operational practices and provide a positive client experience. The Associate Director assumes overall responsibility for the overall Personal Credit Service team in Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica and Curacao in the absence of the Director.


Key Accountabilities:

  • Provides leadership and effective management of business unit staff to influence employee commitment to the organisation, to the team, and to their job by;
    • Setting appropriate context when assigning work to ensure that individuals’ roles support the achievement of the business unit’s priorities and CIBC FCIB’s overall goals;
    • Building team and individual capabilities by providing development opportunities such as job shadowing, special projects, and training;
    • Managing performance by providing fair and accurate formal and informal feedback, identifying and removing obstacles to performance and by explaining how performance expectations align with business priorities;
    • Creating a positive work environment and being an effective role model by championing CIBC FCIB’s mission, vision and values;
    • Ensuring compliance with policies, standards, guidelines and controls by applying the policies and controls fairly and consistently so employees understand what to expect;
    • Providing overall management and direction as required maintaining focus upon asset quality / loan loss objectives and the Bank’s risk appetite.
  • Directs the activities required to ensure a robust control environment for monitoring compliance with governance and internal controls as well as, adherence to lending standards and guidelines parameters.  
  • Assists with managing the unit within the agreed unit budget taking steps to improve cost-effectiveness. This involves reviewing administrative and non-value assed procedures / processes to determine the cost associated with executing in relation to the risk / controls in place.  Ensures the timely and accurate recording of data for management information reporting purposes to allow for the assessment of credit and operational function of the unit.
  • Ensures the implementation and ongoing monitoring of fit for purpose credit scoring disciplines and scorecards to support the CIBC FirstCaribbean Retail personal lending portfolios. This involves ensuring that models are correctly implemented in the decision engine built into the automated lending solution, through the completion of user acceptance testing, and validation of business rules logic.
  • Reviews the testing of automated lending solutions particularly as it relates to setting up of scoring models and related business rules and reviews all credit related parameter amendments within the automated lending tool. This is an ongoing activity, with a predicted schedule cycle of at least quarterly or as required. This is to determine that the models are performing as expected, identifying any influencing factors and providing expert insight on the population.
  • Responsible for meeting asset quality targets for the retail lending portfolio that are agreed with the Director or Chief Credit Officer.
  • Assists the Director with analysis on the portfolio for Retail personal lending portfolios. This will involve the review and analysis of information / reports generated by Portfolio Management, with a deeper dive / analysis into the underlying data to understand core systemic issues influencing portfolio performance. This includes reviewing financial reporting of the portfolio for possible trends to problem accounts.
  • Undertakes credit quality reviews of personal credit facilities processed by the Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao and Jamaica teams.
  • Determines the impact of any new Bank strategies and policies on the administration of credit services. Makes recommendations and proposals on modifications to new Bank policies which better meet the business needs and objectives to the Director or Chief Credit Officer.
  • Develops and implements adjudicating programmes, policies and procedures in line with the Bank’s central adjudication policies.  
  • Monitors and reports on the achievement of agreed targets for performance with the business segment through the service level agreement and client experience surveys, ensuring the team provides a high standard of service. 
  • Performs a range of adjudication functions on deals, maintaining the quality of the personal credit portfolios under the incumbent’s jurisdiction in order to minimise loan losses while contributing to achievement of the segment’s profitability targets. Develops action plans outlining corrective actions to be taken to resolve credit issues; monitor such corrective plans for resolution and effectiveness.
  • Assesses higher risk and other accounts; reviews financial history of applicant; assesses exposure to the Bank from a risk perspective; grants credit authorisations within delegated credit limits up to up to US$2million (subject to change as per delegated lending authority letter issued). Provides risk assessment and recommend credit approvals to the Director or Chief Credit Officer in excess of limits delegated and provide written and verbal justification as required.
  • Assesses the ability to recover unresponsive accounts and the effectiveness of current corrective actions and recommends the transfer of problem accounts to Receivables Management for handling.
  • Provides risk assessment and credit authorisations as well as monitoring compliance.
  • Provides counselling and analysis to front line lenders related to solving unusual or complex credit problems, the performance of their loan portfolios, outlining areas for improvement and recommending changes in practices.
  • Provides back-up and business continuity for PCS in dealing with urgent or time sensitive applications on public holidays (in other countries) or during a business interruption.
  • Identifies and elevates to the Director or Chief Credit Officer any situations of non-compliance with lending authorities, credit risk / regulatory policy, guidelines & procedures or any other perceived lending improprieties.


Critical Knowledge & Skills Required:

  • A University degree / Professional Qualification (ACIB or equivalent) and related job experience.
  • Completion of Tier 1 & 2 of FirstCaribbean’s Credit Risk Accreditation Programme would be an asset.
  • Ability to manage, influence and interact with senior bank personnel at a strategic business level.  Must be able to move from “big picture” to detailed level in order to keep projects and initiatives moving forward to a successful conclusion.
  • Strong knowledge of the concepts, principles and methodologies of credit risk management are required to perform the function of the job successfully.
  • Ability to build relationships and use influencing skills sufficient to influence the decision-making in a matrix business structure.
  • Ability to establish effective partnerships and cooperation with various groups integral to the overall interests of Personal Credit Services, Credit Risk Management.
  • Ability to manage change successfully.
  • Ability to balance competing priorities based on maximising the most effective use of resources.
  • Market and industry knowledge.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills sufficient to lead, mentor and motivate a team of underwriting managers / analytical specialists.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to generate solutions leading to an appropriate course of action.
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written) such that decisions and instructions/guidelines can be conveyed in a manner that shows empathy, builds on strengths and adds values to the relationship.
  • Well-developed interactive skills sufficient to convey factual and conceptual information on issues requiring detailed explanation and interpretation.
  • Influential skills sufficient to resolve situations involving differences of opinion.
  • Creativity skills sufficient to select and adapt general procedures suitable to the specific problem or issue being addressed.
  • Forward and strategic thinking.
  • Time and self-management skills.


Experience Required:

  • Minimum of 10 years direct Retail Credit structuring experience, with significant credit authority history with delegation and authority oversight history, including analysis and direct customer contact and negotiation experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years of management / supervisor experience of other professional level employees.
  • Strong leadership skills which highlight independent thinking with a bias toward teamwork, execution and accountability.
  • Leadership skill-set is inclusive of the ability to manage and influence across a multi-dimensional group of peers, leaders and employees.
  • Sound people management experience is required.
  • Experience creating and delivering training.



Position reports to:       Director, Personal Credit Services

Function:                                 Personal Credit Services – Risk Management

Salary range:                          In accordance with appropriate salary schedule

Quick overview

  • Management
  • Barbados, Saint Michael
  • CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank
  • Full Time
  • Permanent
  • University Degree
  • Minimum of Ten (10) years
  • Mid Career
  • ACIB or equivalent
  • Directors, Chief Executives and Board Members
  • Direct Employer

Interested? Get the details here how to apply.

Job ID: BARRM127

Click here to the CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank website and select the position from list to apply.

Deadline: 28 March 2019


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