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Difference Between Rich and Poor

We live in a society comprised of two classes called the rich and the poor with a lot of differences between them. These are also referred to as the haves and have-nots of the society. The rich make up barely 20% of the population and have control over 80% of the resources while 80% of the population makes use of the remaining 20% of the resources.

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Rich vs Poor  

However, the divide between rich and poor, despite all ‘isms’ such as communism, capitalism, and socialism keeps growing all the time making the condition of the poor worse than it has all along been. However, the financial condition is not the only difference between the rich and the poor. This article attempts to highlight the varied differences that exist between the rich and the poor.


Who are the Rich?

Simply the word rich can be defined as having a lot of assets. Although in the modern world assets refer mainly to financial aspects that an individual has, being rich can have other meanings as well. Rich is a very subjective term. A person who lacks money, yet having a sound morality and a code of ethics can consider himself richer than a wealthy person due to his moral richness.

In different societies, this idea of being rich is associated with different terms. Although in most societies, it is given a monetary symbolism, some attribute it to other aspects such as the amount of land one possesses, or the number of cattle, etc.

However, when paying attention to the rich in the modern sense, the rich have higher prospects than the poor. This can be due to their education, wealth, or even sheer will power. Rich are not concerned with depression or recession.


Who are the Poor?

Poor can be defined as those who have a lower standard of living. These individuals can have less wealth, education and even less access to things that are considered as mandatory such as clean water, housing, etc. Poor believe it is their lack of degree or knowledge that keeps them poor. It is vital to keep in mind that it is when you start to feel that life is happening to you instead of you creating your future, you will lose the right track and condemn remaining poor. This highlights the basic difference between these two types of people.


What is the difference between Rich and Poor?

  • Control of Life:
  • Rich believe they are in control of their lives.
  • Poor feel they are subject to vagaries of life and life controls events taking place in their lives.
  • Money:
  • Investing in schemes to make more money is like a game for rich.
  • The poor are all the time terrified of investing in the stock market with the result that more often than not, they lose money.
  • It is apparent to all that the poor are playing not to lose money while the rich are playing to win more.
  • Opportunities and Obstacles:
  • Rich people see the opportunities while poor see the obstacles first.
  • Poor keep thinking how they will overcome these obstacles whereas rich keep their focus on opportunities as they have the resources to overcome obstacles easily.
  • Dreaming:
  • Rich dream big and, therefore, strike rich.
  • Poor dream small with the result that they have to remain content with whatever they get.
  • Doers and Dreamers:
  • Rich are doers; they take concrete steps to fulfill their dreams.
  • Poor just dream about their dreams.
  • Company:
  • The company of rich people includes rich and successful.
  • Poor people have the company of unsuccessful and daydreamers.
  • This difference in company proves vital in deciding the future of the rich and the poor.




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