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5 Reasons Girls Avoid Engineering Courses

Many of us in the science field and beyond know the imbalance happening in the STEM(Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) courses. gender imbalance! Many of us have noticed that their are few females in the areas,when you step into an average engineering department, or technology department, you could count the number of females in these courses as opposed to other female-populated courses like Business Admin,Medical courses, Arts and etcetera.

Which leads one to ask—Why? Well ponder no more, here are the obvious reasons why there are few females in STEM courses. Enjoy!


1.STEM courses are too long This is a known fact,to study a course like engineering,technology,one is required to spend at least 5 years in school, and this opposes females because an average female will wanna get married as an undergraduate and even have kids, and as a result, they’d rather go for shorter courses in the social sciences,arts or business.


2.STEM courses are male dominated :Obviously! These set of courses are usually male dominated, e.g. Engineering. So for a girl to apply for theses set of courses,it would mean breaking away from the social norm of “girls going for arts and boys for STEM” . In fact,some girls in these departments usually feel obliged to dress masculine, avoid putting on earrings, so as to avoid feeling so feminine in the midst of males. A girl will rather identify with the social norm and not want to feel odd.


3.There are few female role-models in these fields :Convincing a female to go for STEM courses will be like convincing a lion to eat grass,because there ain’t much female role models that one can look up to. This discourages an average female, outside the schools,its a male dominated industry too. So? That’s the consequence!


4.STEM courses are expensive :Like it or not! when you’re going for a Technology or Engineering course,you will be required to pay more! And for a lower middle-class economy like Nigeria’s, it will be a struggle. I’ve seen many students struggling to pay fees,the stress of having to work and study at the same time in order to pay fees,buy textbooks, and other expenses connected with the courses is something so daunting. As a result many females are discouraged cuz they sure can’t handle the stress! Men are tough na.


5. Many girls are afraid of mathematics and calculations : This is something you discover right from your days in secondary school, a lotta girls shiver whenever they encounter mathematics or any calculations we boys use this as a pretext to get that fine girl in our class/department lol… Consequently, many girls will rather avoid calculative courses and the likes they’d rather go for the theory or management based courses.. it’s not their fault na,its just so they will have time for themselves.


Today, there are more opportunities available to girls. Organisations such as the World Academy of Science, the Organization for Women in Science in the Developing World, L’Oreal for Women in Science, the Elsevier Foundation, and the British CouncilGhana all have awards, recognition and fellowships specifically for girls and women. The Visiola Foundationalso provides scholarships for girls to study STEM, and an annual week-long STEM Summer Camp to pique the interest of women in the STEM fields from an early age.



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