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Social - Civil Services

Employment in Social and Civil Services imbeds many occupations, from care assistants and nannies, to social workers, police officers or security guards. This field of work contains job opportunities in three different areas: private organizations, private households and the public sector.

Care assistants generally nurses the elderly in retirement homes or private households. They may also hold a degree in caring for the handicapped. Social workers provides aid to children and adults in need of this. For both functions, the employer must have the necessary competences such as the ability to support and guide others who are at risk and unable to take care of themselves.

Employment with the police, the military, as a security guard or a firefighter demands for one to be genuinely interested in security and protection functions. It is normal procedure to have to make an entrance test for any of these jobs and general fitness is an asset.

All above mentioned professions endeavor the same, and that is to protect people, promote social inclusion, protect human rights and individuals right to social support and security.

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