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Hospitality - Catering

With thanks to the tremendous growth in tourism, the Hotel sector is now an attractive business branch which offer job possibilities to professionals traditionally connected to the tourism sector, namely: catering, waiting, cleaning, reception and administrative staff, but has lately also opened up to individuals active in creative jobs such as catering. This industry takes care of all meals consumed away from home, including restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations and lots of other formats.


Hospitality: the usual jobs available in hotels are; front desk clerk, room service, customer relations officer, food and beverage and manager. An executive employed in the Hotel or Hospitality sector generally realizes the following tasks:

►Managing bookings

►Greeting and taking care of guests

►Training and mentoring staff

►Assigning tasks and scheduling staff

►Cleaning rooms and emptying trash can

►Checking in and checking out guests


Catering: producing, delivering and serving food is the task of a caterer. Caterers carry out many functions, such as:

►Overseeing and controlling budgets

►Collaborating with chefs and cooking staff to create a menu

►Generating good food in huge kitchens

►Serving and distributing food

►Regulating and decorating locations

►Networking with clients

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